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Many of my paintings can be purchased as prints, starting at $25 each for an 8 X 10 size. If you are interested in one or more, end me a note by hitting the contact tab at the top right and entering your information. Thanks for visiting!
The Sensual MoonA Mother's LoveChristmas MorningSummer SunlightTerry, B., Delicate Lily, acrylic, 11 X 14, $329autumn gloryTerry, B., Summer Schooner, acrylic, 20 X 24, $475Come Saturday Morning - SOLDchurch at sunrise 2Flying Abive the Waves 2Not a Care in the WorldAutumn WaterfallMillie Moo - SOLDUndersea SunsetSingle KoiKoi Ying and YangTwo Koi and Lilly PadsGood Morning SunshinePassionCatch a Wave